terms and conditions

  • Deposits are fully non-refundable and must be paid at the time of booking. Final Balance is due twelve weeks prior to your wedding date, one this is paid it is also 100% non refundable.

  • The Devon Photographer's will endeavour to provide you with the highest quality digitally formatted images.

  • Whilst every effort will be made to take all of the photos that you may request, due to the nature of photography we cannot guarantee that all shots will be possible or that images will be exactly as desired. Where flash photography is not permitted during the ceremony the quality of images may appear grainy.

  • We cannot accept responsibility for unprecedented circumstances, such as equipment failure or adverse weather conditions, which negatively affect the outcome of images and cannot be held responsible for consequential damages. Copyright of all images remains the property of Wonderlust Weddings.

  • We reserve all rights to use your images for promotional, commercial and presentational use. We cannot be held responsible for injury, sickness or travel difficulties that prevent the attendance of the photographer.

  • Please allow 60 days for delivery of your photo book/s.

  • Digital images are supplied in resolutions greater than 3000×2000 pixels.