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Get to Know Exeter Wedding Photographer, Sarah

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Your Exeter wedding photographer has an important job: to capture every special moment of your wedding day to help you and your partner keep and relive those happy memories forever. Of course, you may think you’ve found the one when you swoon over their work, but there are so many talented photographers in the local area, that you may not be able to choose!

In our blog post, What to Look for in a Devon Wedding Photographer, we acknowledge the need to love your photographer’s style of work, but you also need to be a personality match! Your wedding photographer will be with you and your loved ones for the whole day, so it’s important you feel comfortable around them. In the spirit of this, we’ve interviewed Sarah, our professional wedding photographer in Exeter so you can get to know a little bit more about her.

Take it away, Sarah…

Why do you love shooting local weddings?

I moved to Devon just over 9 years ago and absolutely love it here. Devon is such a beautiful part of the world and there are so many different and wonderful venues to choose from.

When did you first know you wanted to become a wedding photographer?

I first fell in love with photography when I went travelling around the world at 20. Then, within a year, four of my close friends got married and I started taking some photos as a guest. I received so many compliments on the images and loved being able to capture the happiness of each day that I decided to set up my own wedding photography business.

What’s the best thing about living in Devon and how does it inspire your work?

Devon is a wonderful place: beautiful coastlines, amazing national parks and wonderful wedding venues in all sorts of unique locations. I love that even though I live in the city, I can be in the countryside within minutes. Whenever possible, when shooting a wedding here, we will get outside and make the most of the stunning countryside and the lovely sunsets.

Favourite place you’ve been to?

This is a very tricky question as I have so many favourite places! Locally, I love Hartland Quay, Thurlestone and Saunton Sands. My favourite spots abroad are Asia, for the culture, markets and food, New Zealand and Canada for the scenery and I fell in love with Botswana and Zimbabwe for the wildlife and amazing African red sunsets.

Favourite thing about your job as a wedding photographer?

The best thing about my job is that I get to work surrounded by happy people. A wedding is always a happy place to be and to be able to capture all of these lovely moments on camera, and then produce a beautiful wedding photo album for the couple to keep forever is extremely rewarding.

Why do couples choose to work with you on their wedding day?

Couples choose us because we have a relaxed yet creative style of shooting, and we will tell the story of the wedding day through the photos. We are a very easy going couple and make people feel at ease on (and before) the day – the more relaxed couples feel in front of the camera the better the photos will be!

What do you most look forward to at a wedding?

Ummmm, the sweet table! I love sweets! Apart from that, I absolutely love sneaking off with the bride and groom at sunset to capture some stunning “golden hour” photos. Sunset is my favourite part of the day.

When you’ve finished a day of wedding photography in Exeter, how does it make you feel?

Tired with sore feet! A day of taking wedding photos is pretty full-on and usually a long, long day. Although, there’s nothing better than sitting down and looking back through the images to see all of the moments captured.

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Hopefully, that gives you a bit more of an insight into Sarah – who she is and her wonderful creativity! If you like what you’ve read, as well as the beautiful images in her wedding photography portfolio and would like to book her for your special day, please enquire today to find out her availability.

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