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Save £100 On Devon Wedding Photography for Your Winter Wedding

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Here at The Devon Photographer's, we love a winter wedding. The darker months can provide the most wonderful atmosphere and the guaranteed sparkles and cosy lighting create some really beautiful photography opportunities for our professional Devon wedding photographer, Sarah. As well as

the lighting, the wintry colours are so beautiful to capture and they look amazing in our bespoke wedding photo albums too!

Things to Consider For Your Winter Wedding

Hosting a wedding during the winter months can make things feel really special for you, your partner and your guests. With many weddings being held in the warmer weather, having your wedding later (or earlier!) in the year will provide a nice contrast to the typical wedding season, and give everyone something to look forward to, also.

However, hosting a wedding in the colder months gives you a number of additional things to consider in your planning process – not enough to put you off though, we hope! We’ve shared a few below:

Is Your Wedding Weather-Proof?

The British weather is known for being pretty unpredictable but during the winter months, it fluctuates more than ever. When planning your winter wedding, you need to prepare for all eventualities – ensuring you have a roof over your head when needed and a way to keep you, the wedding party and your guests, warm.

Top tip #1: When dressing your bridesmaids, plan a look with cosy shawls to keep them warm throughout the day.

Top tip #2: ensure there is somewhere for guests to check in their coats – they won’t want to be carrying them around all evening.

Light Up The Dark

During the winter, it gets dark much earlier, so keep the atmosphere lively and keep the party going with plenty of fairy lights and romantic candles throughout the venue. It’s also a good idea to find out what time the light starts to fade so the venue can prepare and ensure everything is well-lit moving into the evening.

Plan The Perfect Colour Scheme

Brighten up the room with plenty of rich, warm colours to provide a stunning contrast against the cooler weather of the winter months. Whether this is in the way you dress the wedding party, decorate the tables or even in your choice of flowers, deep reds and purples, golds and greens are lovely for this time of year. Or if warmer colours aren’t your thing, why not try going for an ‘ice’ theme and keep everything silvery and blue?

Find Your Perfect Winter Wedding Photographer In Devon

At The Devon Photographer's, we like to be able to accommodate as many couples on their wedding day as possible so we work year-round to make that possible. It’s so important for your wedding photographer to be able to work at night and in bad weather (as you may be faced with these challenges during your winter wedding), so ask to see a portfolio of their work before you book to ensure you love their style all year-round.

If your wedding photographer can work well in the winter season, you will be guaranteed some dreamy wedding photography to look back on with your partner for years to come.

Book Your Winter Devon Wedding Photographer Today

If you’re looking for a Devon wedding photographer for your winter wedding, book today with The Devon Photographer's for £100 off. Please get in touch to learn more about this exclusive offer and secure your wedding date today. We look forward to capturing your wedding memories this winter season.

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