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Can Video Replace Your Devon Wedding Photographer For Capturing Those Lifetime Memories?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

When it comes to your wedding day, there’s no doubt you and your partner will want to capture every magical moment. There are many ways to do this which means you can get creative and also hire some excellent professionals, like our Devon wedding photographers, to help out. Wedding photography is a priority for almost every couple on their wedding day as it means they can ensure they have those memories stored forever. However, recently, more and more couples are looking into also hiring a videographer for the day.

Why choose a wedding video?

Video is great for capturing various aspects of the big day. Typically following the bride and groom, these videos are lovely to look back on and relive those happy memories whenever you choose. Capturing complete moments in real-time means you can be transported back to the day whenever you hit play.

What’s more, wedding videos are great to share with any friends or family that weren’t able to make it on the day and they are the perfect way to share the highlights with your loved ones whenever you wish.

But can you really beat having the perfect Devon wedding photography?

Here at The Devon Photographer's, we believe that video is a great tool to complement your Devon wedding photography but never to replace it. Of course, we’re biased, but let us explain why:

More Representative

As we mentioned, wedding videos typically follow the bride and groom on their big day but this means that you often miss out on those special moments that your friends and family have shared whilst you’re making your way around the event.

With our wedding photography packages at The Devon Photographer's, we guarantee to be at your event for the entire day so we can ensure that we capture as many memories as possible for you and all your guests. A particularly great way to do this is with one of our wedding photo booths that you can hire for people to get dressed up, have a laugh and capture some candids for you all to look back on.

Beautiful Displays

Unlike videos, photographs are very easy to display around your home – the only problem is choosing your favourites! They also make great gifts to give to your loved ones so they can remember your special day too. Each photograph is a snapshot memory of the day and here at The Devon Photographer's, we ensure each and every image is a work of art.

With so many gorgeous photos, you’re going to need a way to display them that gives them the appreciation they deserve. We offer the option to display your images in a beautiful, bespoke wedding photo album from Folio Albums. These gorgeous books are handmade in the UK and are completely personalisable to suit your tastes.

Memories to Last a Lifetime with The Devon Photographer's

Given the versatility and quality of your wedding photos, you can be safe in the knowledge that your photography will stand the test of time. Your wedding day will create memories that you and your partner will want to remember forever and with The Devon Photographer's, you can do just that. Enquire today to find out more about our bespoke wedding packages that are built to suit you.

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