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Unique Wedding Ideas and Inspiration from The Devon Photographer's

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Your wedding day is often something you start thinking about whilst growing up – what sort of dress will you wear, what will the theme be, where will you hold the reception? As soon as you get engaged, there’s a chance you’ll find yourself sitting amongst piles of wedding magazines and scrolling through Pinterest for days on end…

But with so many different styles and tastes catered for, there can often be too much choice – making the whole process even harder. From flower arrangements to choosing your Devon wedding photographer, you don’t want to lose yours and your partner’s personalities amongst it all – that’s who you and your loved ones are there to celebrate after all.

Show Your Personality with a Theme

Selecting a theme is the perfect way to simply, yet effectively, add some personality to your big day. This could be as simple as a colour scheme or you could opt for a theme that’s more specific, such as a festival, your favourite film or TV show or maybe your favourite decade? You could even extend the theme to your guests and get them involved – this makes for some fantastic photography opportunities!

Food Glorious Food

The food at a wedding can be such an exciting thing to plan – will you choose a delicious sit-down meal, a buffet full of tasty treats or get adventurous and hire a food truck? Your theme might influence this, but that’s OK, your wedding should be what you want it to be, so let the food reflect that.

And of course, don’t forget the cake! The Devon Photographer's photographer, Sarah recalls a recent wedding she shot where the couple chose to cut a cheesecake instead of a traditional wedding cake – so you can really make this your own.

Dreamy Devon Wedding Photography

When searching for the perfect wedding photography in Devon, don’t compromise on personality and creativity. Here at The Devon Photographer's, we take the time to get to know our clients before the big day so we can get to know their tastes and any shots in particular that they might be looking for. We can visit the venue with you too so that we don’t miss anything.

Light Up The Dancefloor!

Another way you can get creative with your wedding planning is the way you choose to illuminate your ceremony and reception. Lighting has the power to set the mood, so whether you’re after a romantic setting for the ceremony or want to get ready to party at the reception, there are plenty of options for you.

We love reading wedding blogs ourselves and we recently came across this post by Sonia Collett from Want That Wedding, titled ‘10 Tips for the perfect outdoor wedding reception’. She has some wonderful ideas in this post and our favourite was about the lighting:

“Candlestick arrangements on the tables can be a cheap and chic way of keeping the conversation alive until late at night. Torches to mark the path to the dance floor, light strings and lanterns hanging from trees will give a magical touch to your outdoor wedding.”

Extra Special Finishing Touches

This is another way to bring your personality to your wedding day. There are so many wonderful finishing touches that you can add to your wedding that will make the day even more special for you and your guests.

  • Games – We love games at weddings as everyone can get involved and have a laugh. Why not add some ‘Wedding Speech Bingo’ cards to your tables for those most commonly used phrases and reactions?

  • Signed photo frame – this is a really special service that we offer here at The Devon Photographer's alongside your wedding photo albums – get your guests to sign an extra-large mount and have it framing your favourite photo from the day – the perfect keepsake!

  • Chalkboard signs – these are great for adding a rustic touch but also allowing you to write and draw on each as you wish, giving your wedding signage a personal touch.

  • Photo booth – an excellent way to capture some fun memories and a great laugh for your guests. This is another service we offer here at The Devon Photographer's, find out more about our wedding photo booth hire.

  • Table decor – a great opportunity to make this your own – you could add: flowers, balloons, confetti, sweets, personalised name cards, games, disposable cameras or some old photos for guests to look through.

Memories to Last a Lifetime with The Devon Photographer's

We know your wedding photographs are the snapshots of your happy memories and we’d love to capture them and help you keep them forever. If you’re interested in any of our Devon wedding photography packages, please get in touch with Sarah today.

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