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Our Favourite Wedding Venues: Tunnels Beaches

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

It’s time for the next installment in Our Favourite Wedding Venues! This time, we’re writing about Tunnels Beaches, a stunning and unique venue on the North Devon coastline. Featuring four intricate, hand-carved tunnels and a beautiful private beach – this venue is one of the most special and spectacular venues we’ve seen! Although, we may be a little biased as this was where our very own North Devon wedding photographer, Sarah, and her husband, Aaron, got married.

Why do we love Tunnels Beaches?

Tunnels Beaches certainly has the ‘wow-factor’. It’s a beautiful venue on a private beach, surrounded by dramatic cliffs. It’s simply stunning, yet it has a very laid-back and relaxed feel to it. Sarah and her husband, Aaron, “chose to get married there as we wanted an outdoor ceremony, something a bit different and definitely somewhere we could watch the sunset!”

The Venue

Situated on the North Devon coastline in the town of Ilfracombe, this spectacular venue has been the perfect venue for the wedding days of so many happy couples over the years. And why wouldn’t it be? With the stunning rocky cliffs as a backdrop to private and secluded beaches, and four hand-carved tunnels leading down to the shore, Tunnels Beaches is completely unique and totally beautiful.

We asked Sarah a few questions about the venue and why she loves it – read on to find out more…

What was your favourite thing about your wedding day?

It has to be when Aaron surprised me with the music for the evening. He had flown in a musician that we met in New Zealand when we were traveling there especially to play at our evening party – it was so special.

What is your favourite spot at the venue?

The tidal pools at Tunnels Beaches look amazing and if you’re lucky with the weather/time of year, the sunset is right behind them. With the glow of the sun as it sinks below the horizon and the intimacy of the venue, this spot is truly magical.

Would you like to shoot a wedding at the venue?

Absolutely. Tunnels beaches is such a beautiful location and venue – it’s a photographers dream! So many lovely spots inside and out for great photos. Couples can also do as they like with the venue – so it can suit any theme or colour scheme which can make every wedding there completely individual and unique.

What would you like to make use of at the venue for a couple’s wedding shots?

The beaches would be the main highlight, especially in the evening at ‘golden hour’. There is another beach beyond the main venue which you can go to for some more intimate photos, just of the couple. Also, inside the venue is beautifully decorated and lit for some great evening party shots.

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If you’re planning a relaxed and informal wedding (at Tunnels Beaches or elsewhere!), with plenty of opportunities for some gorgeous photography of both the celebrations and the stunning coastline, then we’d love to work with you as your North Devon wedding photographer.

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